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How to choose wood pellet manufacturing equipment?

The wood pellet manufacturing equipment is specially designed by our engineers. It includes the whole process of wood pellets production, such as chipping, drying, crushing, humidity regulation, granulation, cooling, screening, packaging, etc., which can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Raw materials are suitable for plant fibers such as logs, branches, sawdust, rice husks, etc. The materials are conveyed by belt conveyor and then sent to wood hammer mill. Most of the crushed materials are directly conveyed by screw conveyor. Fine powder and excess gas are collected by cyclone separator. The fine powder is discharged by the air lock, and the excess gas is discharged by the induced draft fan. The dust collector can collect fine dust during the crushing process.

All materials from the airlock shall be sent to the silo by belt conveyor. Then it enters the drum dryer, and the materials will be mixed with hot air. At the same time, the blower can generate enough air to help the hot stove burn. The dried materials shall be collected by the cyclone separator and then come out from the bottom of the air lock. The excess gas can be pumped away by fans.

Then the material enters the conditioner through the screw conveyor. The materials with suitable humidity are sent to the pelletizing chamber. After the granulation process, the material becomes cylindrical particles with a diameter of 2-12mm.

Then these pellets directly enter the cooler, drying the pellets to below 10%, and cooling them to normal temperature. After that, the powder will pass through the rotary classification screener, which can screen out unqualified materials and granulate them again. The screened pellets are packed by an automatic weighing machine and then sealed by an automatic sewing machine.

As a new type of environment-friendly fuel, wood pellet products have many advantages, such as high calorific value, low emissions, large particle ratio after molding, small volume, and combustion resistance. Wood chips are widely used in various fields because of their high density, high cleanliness, and very suitable for transportation and storage. Wood chips are widely used in various fields because of their high density, high cleanliness, and very suitable for transportation and storage. We usually heat our homes, and the pellet fuels used in the domestic stoves are all from small sawdust pellet factories. If wood particles are produced on a large scale, they can be used in small boilers, industrial boilers, power plants, etc.

The use of wood pellet fuel produced by wood pellet plant, an alternative energy source and an environmentally friendly fuel, can make a substantial contribution to “greenhouse gas emission reduction”, and at the same time can greatly reduce energy consumption. Compared with fossil fuels, it can save more than 50% of energy on average.

It is reported that wood pellet fuel is an environmental friendly commercial fuel product that is made by drying, pressure forming and cooling wood by-products produced after logging or wood chips produced after wood processing. It is used as boiler fuel and can replace chemical fuels such as light oil. Moreover, compared with chemical fuels, wood pellet fuel is also a new renewable energy with excellent economic performance, which has been widely popularized in developed countries such as North America and Europe. It can be said that it is one of the future alternative energies.

For entrepreneurs or investors, what equipment is needed to build a wood pellet plant. This problem mainly varies according to the output and raw materials. Generally, crushing, screening, drying, granulation, cooling, packaging and other equipment are required. How much is a wood pellet plant? There is no final conclusion on this. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are less and millions of people who are more.

Firstly, look at the raw materials. Because of the different raw materials, some need drying machines, crushers, dust collectors, feeding machines, and other machinery and equipment. Secondly, the output. The size of other machines and equipment is also different for different production.

Therefore, if you really want to use a set of equipment, you should first understand what your raw materials are, how much you need for a day’s output, and whether it is to be dried on the site or dried by machine. After considering all aspects, you can equip yourself with the wood pellet plant equipment that is most suitable for you.

RICHI Machinery, located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, is an industrial group specializing in feed pellet machinery, wood pellet manufacturing equipment, biomass wood pellet equipment, organic fertilizer pellet machinery, and so on. RICHI Machinery has a professional technical team. On the basis of site survey and planning, provide customers with a detailed project design scheme, pellet equipment list, project cost, design site foundation drawings, and design special feed production process.

RICHI Machinery has a complete technical training and guidance system. After installation, professional engineers will train operators and guide the handling of common problems to ensure the stable operation of the system. RICHI Machinery always focuses on the field of machinery processing and has a modern and information-based after-sales management system and a professional and highly-skilled after-sales service team from the supply of common accessories, and equipment maintenance to repair.

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