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Contrast Of Biomass Pellets And Coal Burning Expenses

Biomass pellet fuel is a block of environmentally friendly new power produced by straw, lawn, rice husk, peanut shell, corn cob, oil tea covering, cottonseed hull, and so on.

As a brand-new type of particulate fuel, biomass pellets have won broad acknowledgment for their special benefits; compared to traditional fuels, they not only have economic advantages but also ecological advantages, which totally fulfill the needs of lasting advancement.

Benefits Of Biomass Pellet Fuel

Biomass pellet fuel has a big calorific value, as well as the calorific value has to do with 3900 ~ 4800 kcal/kg, and also the calorific worth after carbonization is as high as 7000-8000 kcal/kg.

Biomass pellet fuel has high pureness as well as consists of no other pollutants that do not produce heat. Its carbon content is 75-85%, ash content is 3-6%, water material is 1-3%, absolutely no coal gangue, rock. If the warm is not warm, it will decrease the price for the enterprise.

Biomass pellet fuel does not contain sulfur as well as phosphorus, does not corrode the central heating boiler, and can expand the life span of the boiler. The business will certainly profit a whole lot. Because the biomass pellet fuel does not consist of sulfur as well as phosphorus, it does not create sulfur dioxide as well as phosphorus pentoxide when shed, so it does not cause acid rain, does not contaminate the ambience, as well as does not pollute the atmosphere.

Biomass pellet fuel is clean as well as hygienic, as well as it is convenient to feed, which not only lowers the labor intensity of employees, but additionally substantially enhances the labor environment, and also business can reduce labor prices.

After combustion of biomass pellet fuel, there is extremely little ash, which significantly reduces the website where coal gangue is piled as well as lowers the price of spit. In addition, the ash after burning of the biomass pellet fuel is a high-grade natural potash with a very high grade, which can be reused.

Biomass pellet fuel is a gift of nature to our renewable resource, it remains in action to the call of the central federal government to produce a conservation-minded society.

Biomass pellets have lower solid exhausts than coal, and also their strong discharges are all ash, making up about 0.4% to 7.0% of the overall weight; while solid discharges from coal burning are a combination of ash, alkali and also recurring coal, regarding the total weight 25% to 40%. Coal is far more polluting and polluting the boiler than biomass pellet fuel.

The soot includes a large amount of granular C as well as toxic SO2, CO and also other destructive gases. The major element of biomass pellet fuel is CH raw material. There is no particulate C and also SO2 gas in the flue gas, mostly CH unstable gas, and also its SO2 and carbon monoxide exhausts are close to absolutely no; it considerably minimizes air pollution and also carbon dioxide exhausts, hence creating Product pellet fuel is recognized internationally as a “tidy fuel”.

As a result, making use of biomass pellet fuel is a lot more environmentally friendly than melting coal.

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