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biomass pellet mill for sale

Supporting equipment of biomass pellet mill

What are the supporting equipment for the biomass fuel pellet machine production line of the pellet machine manufacturer? What is the production capacity of the biomass pellet mill? What are the benefits of the produced fuel pellets?

Matching power: 37-280kw, production capacity: 0.3 tons – 5 tons / hour.

Benefits of fuel pellets:

(1)Avoid waste of raw materials.

The formula of the fuel has various raw materials and comprehensive nutrition, which can prevent the raw materials from choosing the one you like to combine from the powder, and refuse to mix other ingredients.

(2)High feed return.

During the granulation process of the biomass pellet mill, due to the comprehensive action of water, temperature and pressure, a certain physical and chemical reaction occurs in the raw material to gelatinize the starch, improve the enzyme activity, and make the biomass fuel pellet melt more efficiently. The transformation of biomass fuel pellets into a new energy and new energy.

(3)The storage and transportation are more economical, more convenient, and the storage time is longer.

(4)Good liquidity and convenient management. Many pulverized fuels, especially fluffy fuels with low specific gravity, and fuels with added molasses or high-fat, urea, tend to stick to the silo. Very little sticking due to good flow of fuel pellets

(5)Avoid automatic classification of raw materials and reduce environmental pollution. In the process of powder storage and transportation, due to the different volume and quality of various powders, classification is easy to occur. After the fuel pellets are made, the components of the fuel pellets are not classified, and the pellet materials are not easy to be dusted. During the feeding process, the air and water pollution of granular materials is far less than that of powdered materials.

Complete set biomass pellet mill for sale

biomass pellet mill for sale

The biomass pellet mill production line includes:

Wood crusher, dust removal equipment, mixer, conveying equipment, biomass pellet mill, pellet cooler, packaging machine, etc., with compact structure, obvious effect, perfect function and wide application range.

Now that the fuel pellet industry is on the rise, this year is expected to be a bumper year. In the case of rising coal prices, electricity is limited, and the price of biomass fuel pellets has also fluctuated. Currently, the more common ones on the market are rice husk fuel pellets, bean curd residue fuel pellets, peanut shell fuel pellets, wood chips fuel pellets, and straw fuel pellet machines. Welcome new and old customers to visit our RICHI biomass granulator factory, you can bring materials and test the biomass pellet mill machine for free.

The era of biomass energy

The time has come for the accelerated promotion of biomass energy and biomass pellet mill, are you still waiting?

Biomass energy clean heating refers to the use of various biomass raw materials and the solid, gas and liquid fuels formed by their processing and transformation, and clean combustion heating in special equipment. It mainly includes biomass cogeneration and biomass boilers that meet the corresponding environmental emission requirements.

According to reports, biomass fuel made by biomass pellet mill can achieve low emissions. Relevant test data show that the emission of particulate matter can be as low as 35-48 mg/m3, nitrogen oxides as low as 250-290 mg/m3, monoxide not higher than 0.08%, and no sulfur dioxide emissions.

In addition to emissions, the calorific value of biomass fuel is not inferior. According to the data provided by the National Coal Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, among the common biomass fuels, the calorific value can basically exceed 3,000 kcal, and the calorific value of pine wood pellets can reach 4,200 kcal.

Many countries are rich in biomass resources and have great potential for energy utilization. Now is a good time to promote biomass heating. On the one hand, there is national policy support for clean heating and ecological civilization construction, and on the other hand, the technology of biomass fuel and stoves has also made great progress, all of which provide the possibility for the utilization of biomass fuel.

Taking China as an example, a data provided by the China Renewable Energy Center shows that it is estimated that in 2020, the available biomass resources in my country will reach 264 million tons of standard coal, and the biomass heating potential will reach 130 million tons of standard coal. By 2030, the above two data can be increased to 288 million tons and 140 million tons.

Therefore, no matter from the perspective of resource supply, market demand, or from the target potential, the potential of biomass heating in my country is great.

It can be seen that both biomass pellet mill and biomass fuel have a very good development prospect in the next few years.

RICHI biomass pellet mill for sale

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