Is it a good project to invest fertilizer pelletizer?

With the rapid development of the economy, people’s understanding of agricultural ecology, soil ecology and green agriculture has become more and more clear. How to maintain sustainable development provides a good development space for the production of fertilizer pelletizer.

Therefore, more and more people are paying attention to the investment of fertilizer pelletizer and whole production line. With investment, there will be risks. How to minimize the risks is what every investor should consider.

Some people think that organic fertilizer pellet making machine is an enduring industry, and some people think that organic fertilizer maker machine is a risky investment project. So, is the organic fertilizer equipment of Richi Machinery worth our investment and joining? This will take the test of time.

For now, the development potential of organic fertilizer equipment is still great. Because the development of urbanized agriculture in our country has just started, the construction of environmentally friendly agriculture will also spawn a group of leading companies investing in fertilizer pelletizer.

In this case, the demand for agriculture will continue to increase. What to invest in has always been a topic of entrepreneurial nature. Many people do not know what to invest in to make it develop. Now considering that the country has been emphasizing environmental protection issues, everyone knows the existence of organic fertilizer pellet making machine.

fertilizer pelletizer

1. Invest in organic fertilizer machine is a good project?

What Richi Machinery wants to say is that investment needs to be cautious. It is best to invest in RICHI’s fertilizer pelletizer according to the surrounding agriculture and aquaculture, so as to reduce the investment risk, and generally speaking, organic fertilizer pellet mill can be said to be environmentally friendly equipment, the overall pros outweigh the cons.

Adhering to the principle of fertilization in agricultural production is to adhere to the principle of organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers as supplemented by chemical fertilizers.

Only by continuously increasing the investment in organic fertilizers can we solve the problem of soil compaction and promote the continuous improvement of soil fertility, thereby effectively solving the pollution of the soil and the environment caused by chemical fertilizer residues.

Adopting modern high-tech organic fertilizer pellet making machine technology, using microorganisms for high-temperature secondary harmless treatment of organic wastes such as crop straws, human and animal manure, and commercialized organic fertilizer production has become an urgent need and only way to develop modern agriculture.

With the continuous development of the economy, people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, and the association’s requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher. How to dispose of excrement and protect the environment has become one of the important issues restricting the steady and healthy development of the association.

At present, vigorously developing a circular economy, promoting cleaner production, and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society are the mainstream. The fertilizer pelletizer equipment implements clean production, strengthens the advanced treatment of manure, turns waste into treasure, produces high-quality agricultural fertilizer, reduces the pollution of manure to the environment, reduces production costs, improves economic benefits, and enables agriculture to embark on a virtuous cycle of sustainable development.

Seeing this, everyone will think that the development of organic fertilizer equipment processing organic fertilizer is smooth sailing. In fact, it is not all. Every investment will have certain risks. The same is true for fertilizer pelletizer. It is mainly based on the local market, itself, the environment, etc.

However, in terms of investment in organic fertilizer manufacturing machine, there are not many at present. Most of them consider that the investment in organic fertilizer pelletizer is small, the returns are fast, and there are not too many unfavorable factors, which prompts more people to buy organic fertilizer pellet machine.

2. How to make a profit from fertilizer pelletizer prduction line?

How to make a profit from building an organic fertilizer factory?

  • Many countries do not have national standards for organic fertilizer products, but only industry standards. The production of organic fertilizer does not require administrative license, the production threshold is low, and the production methods are varied. At present, there are many small workshops, the fertilizer pelletizer is simple, and the product quality is difficult to guarantee.
  • Some manufacturers unilaterally pursue the appearance and do not pay attention to the internal quality. At present, when farmers choose organic fertilizers in the market, they mostly judge the quality of organic fertilizer products based on the perceptual knowledge of particle appearance and packaging. Due to the diversity of raw materials for commercial organic fertilizers, organic fertilizers made from different raw materials have a certain difference in appearance and internal quality.
  • Enterprise production ignores the fermentation process. The commercialization, large-scale and standardized development of domestic organic fertilizers has just started, and some fertilizer pelletizer production lines have not undergone strict high-temperature fermentation, which makes it difficult for organic fertilizer products to meet the requirements of harmlessness.
  • Pure organic fertilizer made by fertilizer pelletizer has low nutrient content and is not as fast as chemical fertilizers after application. The promotion and popularization encounter bottlenecks. Therefore, it is a better choice to make organic and inorganic compound fertilizers.
  • Organic fertilizer packaging labels are confusing. Some companies label the contents of organic matter, humic acid, amino acids, animal protein, vitamins, etc., and add them to the total content of nutrients to mislead consumers.
  • Transportation costs are high. Organic fertilizers made by fertilizer pelletizer do not enjoy preferential freight rates for chemical fertilizers through railway transportation. The transportation costs are relatively high, making the market retail price of commercial organic fertilizers much higher than the price of raw materials.
  • In the production process of organic fertilizer, the fertilizer pelletizer granulation efficiency is low, especially for those organic fertilizers with high organic matter content, more than 50% must be returned to granulation, which greatly reduces the production efficiency and increases the fertilizer pelletizer production cost.

What is a twin screw floating fish food machine?

The twin-screw floating fish food machine has two pairs of screws that mesh with each other and rotate in the same direction. They together play the role of conveying, friction extrusion and heating.

The material is input by the principle of positive displacement for forced conveying, and little pressure is formed, thus better solving this problem on the single-screw floating fish food machine, and strong conveying.

The floating fish feed making machine integrates various functions such as compression, mixing, kneading, shearing, melting, sterilization, puffing, and molding, and can be completed in a very short time. The transformation of the mold can change the shape and size of the product infinitely.

The twin-screw floating fish food machine can produce a wide variety of food products, such as snack food, breakfast cereal, sandwich puffed food, instant rice flour, soup, bread slices, and textured vegetable protein. , candy, flavoring ingredients, pet food, fish and shrimp feed, etc., and can develop countless new types of food.

The twin-screw floating fish food machine is a large aspect ratio floating fish feed extruder machine independently designed and manufactured by our factory based on the advantages of similar products at home and abroad and our company’s strong equipment advantages. The output is high, the energy consumption is low, and the energy saving efficiency is high.

After the screw of floating fish food machine is lengthened, the adaptability of the material is wide. At the same time, because the material stays in the machine cavity for a long time, it can be matured and mixed properly.

At the same time, the screw speed is correspondingly accelerated, which can improve the quality of the product and achieve the purpose of increasing the output.

Using frequency conversion speed regulation to achieve low-speed start-up and smooth operation.

This kind of floating fish food machine is suitable for all kinds of pet feed, aquatic feed, mink and fox feed, snack food, cereal puffing, abalone feed, etc. The raw materials are widely adapted and belong to the multi-functional large-scale floating fish food machine.

1. Product features of floating fish food machine

  • Efficient first-stage gear transmission to ensure the transfer of energy;
  • All stainless steel feeder for floating fish food machine, variable pitch anti-arching mechanism, adopt imported frequency conversion speed control;
  • Enlarged stainless steel conditioner for floating fish food machine, which adopts axial inlet steam, greatly improves the time and effect of conditioning and curing;
  • The high-precision transmission gear and gear shaft are carburized and quenched, and the hard tooth surface is ground, which has stable transmission, low noise and long service life;
  • The material of the gear box and the high precision of the transmission hole are guaranteed by the casting technology and CNC machining equipment of the professional foundry;
  • The main drive system bearings and oil seals are imported. And a special lubrication oil return system is set up to ensure reliable bearing lubrication;
  • The connection between the floating fish food machine ring die and the drive wheel adopts three-piece quick-release precision casting hoop, which is convenient and quick to disassemble the ring die;
  • The door cover and chute of floating fish food machine are all made of stainless steel, with strong anti-corrosion ability and long service life;
  • The motor and gear shaft adopt a new type of serpentine spring coupling, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, reliable transmission and high efficiency.
floating fish food machine

2. Pre-sales service for floating fish feed making machine

  • Special design, manufacture and application tests can be carried out according to your needs, and targeted training can be provided.
  • For you to carry out floating fish food machine configuration, floating fish feed mill process design, plant optimization layout.
  • Give you on-site guidance in the floating fish feed mill factory area and conduct on-site demonstrations.
  • As an agent for transportation, send technicians to install and debug, and train personnel.
  • Business personnel provide you with professional consultation on relevant market information, floating fish food machine combination, process technology, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging, etc.
  • One-year equipment warranty, lifetime maintenance, long-term discount, supply of spare parts.

3. After-sales service for floating fish food machine

  • The floating fish food machine is guaranteed for one year and the accessories are provided with discounts all year round.
  • After-sales service personnel promise to come to the factory for maintenance within 24 hours.
  • Provide long-term technical support such as formula technology update.
  • Contact the floating fish food machine customer to help deal with the equipment after the equipment is updated.
  • Provide customers who have near-needed products all year round.

Richi Machinery has been committed to the research and development of floating fish food machine, biomass energy machinery, fertilizer machinery and its complete sets of projects for many years.

It is a professional floating fish food machine manufacturing company integrating product design, manufacturing and complete set of engineering design and installation.

The main stand-alone equipment produced by the company are: crushing, micro-grinding series equipment; batching mixing series equipment; granulation series equipment; floating fish food machine series equipment; cooling, crushing, grading sieve series equipment; Forage granule processing equipment; compound fertilizer processing equipment; cleaning, iron removal, dust removal equipment; lifting, conveying and other general equipment.

The engineering products provided by the company include: small feed processing units; building block feed processing units; large feed processing complete sets; forage processing complete sets; hops processing complete sets; warehousing and transportation complete sets; technical services, including: factory or complete floating fish food machine line planning and design; production problem diagnosis; operation and maintenance training; spare parts supply and maintenance services.

With a team of technical elites who have been engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of floating fish food machine, biomass energy machinery, fertilizer machinery and complete sets of floating fish feed mill projects for many years. 

Richi Machinery adheres to the truth-seeking and pragmatic work style, and adheres to the principle of “vision, conscience, and courage. Innovation, cooperation and win-win” development concept, serve domestic and foreign users with excellent floating fish food machine products and reasonable prices, and create value for customers.

biomass pellet mill for sale

Supporting equipment of biomass pellet mill

What are the supporting equipment for the biomass fuel pellet machine production line of the pellet machine manufacturer? What is the production capacity of the biomass pellet mill? What are the benefits of the produced fuel pellets?

Matching power: 37-280kw, production capacity: 0.3 tons – 5 tons / hour.

Benefits of fuel pellets:

(1)Avoid waste of raw materials.

The formula of the fuel has various raw materials and comprehensive nutrition, which can prevent the raw materials from choosing the one you like to combine from the powder, and refuse to mix other ingredients.

(2)High feed return.

During the granulation process of the biomass pellet mill, due to the comprehensive action of water, temperature and pressure, a certain physical and chemical reaction occurs in the raw material to gelatinize the starch, improve the enzyme activity, and make the biomass fuel pellet melt more efficiently. The transformation of biomass fuel pellets into a new energy and new energy.

(3)The storage and transportation are more economical, more convenient, and the storage time is longer.

(4)Good liquidity and convenient management. Many pulverized fuels, especially fluffy fuels with low specific gravity, and fuels with added molasses or high-fat, urea, tend to stick to the silo. Very little sticking due to good flow of fuel pellets

(5)Avoid automatic classification of raw materials and reduce environmental pollution. In the process of powder storage and transportation, due to the different volume and quality of various powders, classification is easy to occur. After the fuel pellets are made, the components of the fuel pellets are not classified, and the pellet materials are not easy to be dusted. During the feeding process, the air and water pollution of granular materials is far less than that of powdered materials.

Complete set biomass pellet mill for sale

biomass pellet mill for sale

The biomass pellet mill production line includes:

Wood crusher, dust removal equipment, mixer, conveying equipment, biomass pellet mill, pellet cooler, packaging machine, etc., with compact structure, obvious effect, perfect function and wide application range.

Now that the fuel pellet industry is on the rise, this year is expected to be a bumper year. In the case of rising coal prices, electricity is limited, and the price of biomass fuel pellets has also fluctuated. Currently, the more common ones on the market are rice husk fuel pellets, bean curd residue fuel pellets, peanut shell fuel pellets, wood chips fuel pellets, and straw fuel pellet machines. Welcome new and old customers to visit our RICHI biomass granulator factory, you can bring materials and test the biomass pellet mill machine for free.

The era of biomass energy

The time has come for the accelerated promotion of biomass energy and biomass pellet mill, are you still waiting?

Biomass energy clean heating refers to the use of various biomass raw materials and the solid, gas and liquid fuels formed by their processing and transformation, and clean combustion heating in special equipment. It mainly includes biomass cogeneration and biomass boilers that meet the corresponding environmental emission requirements.

According to reports, biomass fuel made by biomass pellet mill can achieve low emissions. Relevant test data show that the emission of particulate matter can be as low as 35-48 mg/m3, nitrogen oxides as low as 250-290 mg/m3, monoxide not higher than 0.08%, and no sulfur dioxide emissions.

In addition to emissions, the calorific value of biomass fuel is not inferior. According to the data provided by the National Coal Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, among the common biomass fuels, the calorific value can basically exceed 3,000 kcal, and the calorific value of pine wood pellets can reach 4,200 kcal.

Many countries are rich in biomass resources and have great potential for energy utilization. Now is a good time to promote biomass heating. On the one hand, there is national policy support for clean heating and ecological civilization construction, and on the other hand, the technology of biomass fuel and stoves has also made great progress, all of which provide the possibility for the utilization of biomass fuel.

Taking China as an example, a data provided by the China Renewable Energy Center shows that it is estimated that in 2020, the available biomass resources in my country will reach 264 million tons of standard coal, and the biomass heating potential will reach 130 million tons of standard coal. By 2030, the above two data can be increased to 288 million tons and 140 million tons.

Therefore, no matter from the perspective of resource supply, market demand, or from the target potential, the potential of biomass heating in my country is great.

It can be seen that both biomass pellet mill and biomass fuel have a very good development prospect in the next few years.

RICHI biomass pellet mill for sale

RICHI Machinery is a industrial group mainly specialized in the biomass pellet mill for sale, and also covers some other strategic businesses such as animal feed making machine, organic fertilizer pellet plant machine, parts and components and so on.

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industrial wood pellet mill

The use of industrial wood pellet mill

Today we will talk about industrial wood pellet mill. We all know that modern society advocates the recycling of resources, especially waste wood, sawdust, straw, etc. The wood that could not be used before can be processed into sawdust after crushing and processing. , sawdust and other raw materials, promote the recycling of waste wood, and facilitate our lives.

Sawdust resource has the characteristics of high calorific value and low emission of harmful gas. It can be used as a high-quality biomass raw material for energy utilization, which can reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy such as coal, oil and natural gas. (Related post: Wood Pellet Mill For Sale)

At present, the energy utilization methods of sawdust in my country mainly include: direct combustion heating, granulation, gasification, liquefaction and carbonization.

Around us, waste wood, branches, waste wood scraps, bark, branches, waste boards, veneers, furniture factory scraps, miscellaneous wood, etc. can be pulverized into sawdust, and biomass pellet fuel is produced through the industrial wood pellet mill. The finished product has high combustion efficiency and little harm to the environment, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

1. The use of industrial wood pellet mill

industrial wood pellet mill

The industrial wood pellet mill is a good device that can make sawdust energy. There are many household manufacturers, which produce a large amount of sawdust every year.

However, due to the influence of traditional production methods and living habits, the utilization rate of sawdust is extremely low, and a considerable amount of sawdust resources are discarded or incinerated, which not only causes waste of resources, but also pollutes the air. The use of industrial wood pellet mills effectively recycles these resources.

Over the years, Richi Machinery has focused on the research and development, design and production of industrial wood pellet mills, wood shaving pellet machines, sawdust pellet machines, biomass pellet machines, wood pulverizers, wood pellet production lines, wood processing equipment and other products.

All products have passed ISO9001:2008 The international quality management system certification and EU CE certification have reached the international advanced level, and the products quickly cover the domestic market and are exported to countries around the world.

Since its establishment, Richi Machinery has won the honorary titles of “Advanced Quality Unit” and “Quality Trustworthy Unit” every year, and has been recognized as a national AAA-level enterprise for quality, reputation and service.

The company has always adhered to the principle of “quality first, reputation first”, in line with the tenet of “survive by quality, and seek benefits from development”, exerting its own advantages and gradually expanding its scale. In the future, the developed people will make persistent efforts to develop and develop products that are well received by domestic and foreign customers, and walk in the forefront of the industry. (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

2. The development prospect of industrial wood pellet mill

In recent years, many countries have further increased the development of new energy and the management of environmental problems. Biomass industrial wood pellet mills are not only environmentally friendly and resource-saving, but also bring us economic value.

They have been affirmed by many users and friends, and the market sales are also high. Therefore, the development prospect of industrial wood pellet mill can be said to be very impressive.

In order to meet the needs of different life and production, industrial wood pellet mills have also been innovated and upgraded. These innovative technological products are used more and more widely in our lives. It brings us a very safe material for people’s livelihood heating and living energy.

This fuel has a high utilization rate and is easy to store. Especially, it can be used as the main fuel type for thermal power generation, which greatly replaces the existing ones. Various non-renewable energy sources such as raw coal and firewood, fuel liquefied gas, etc. can effectively save the input of non-renewable fuel.

This solid fuel that has been crushed and pressed by an industrial wood pellet mill has excellent combustion performance. Its density is larger than that of ordinary fuels, and at the same time, the release of various harmful gases is reduced. It is a safe, green and environmentally friendly fuel type.

When people have a full understanding of the solid fuel of “biomass pellet fuel”, the market demand for industrial wood pellet mills and other mechanical equipment is also increasing. The advent of industrial wood pellet mill has created extraordinary economic value and social value. (Related post: biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia)

Now, countries around the world pay more and more attention to the protection of the environment and the utilization of various energy sources. The innovative research of industrial wood pellet mill has brought us the effective use of renewable energy to a large extent, allowing us to obtain convenient, energy-saving, pollution-free green energy, and also bring us good resource maintenance.

Of course, when we use the biomass wood pellet mill machine, we must abide by the operating specifications and its series of requirements for material processing and production, so as to increase its output as much as possible and prolong its service life.

poultry feed pellet making machine

How to maintain poultry feed pellet making machine in daily use?

Ring die poultry feed pellet making machine (also known as ring die granulator, ring die poultry feed pelletizer) belongs to pellet fuel granulation equipment. It is a processing machine that directly presses crushed materials such as straw, soybean meal, straw, peanut husk, rice husk into granules.

Ring die poultry feed pellet making machine is a SZLH series equipment with good production and quality. Due to the complex design and structure of the poultry feed machine and high maintenance requirements, regular maintenance should be performed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

poultry feed pellet making machine

1.Notes on daily maintenance:

(1) The residual materials in the poultry feed pellet making machine are often removed to prevent the residual materials from corroding the ring die;

(2) Before operation, the equipment should be filled with lubricating oil to reduce the high temperature of the fuselage caused by equipment friction;

(3) Always check whether the gap between the ring die and the pressing roller is within the normal range;

(4) Regularly check the tightness of the triangle tape and adjust it in time;

(5) The surface of the poultry feed pellet making machine should be clean and hygienic, and insisting on cleaning the fuselage of the poultry feed pellet making machine can prevent the exterior of the fuselage from rotting.

(6) When the device is free of particles. Check whether the material hole is normal. If not, you can drill holes with a hand drill. Pay attention to the water content of the stirring material, and adjust the gap between the inner wall of the ring die and the roller;

(7) The pellet forming rate is low. The reason is that the moisture content of the material is too low, and the moisture content of the powdery material should be increased;

(8) The pellet surface is rough. Pay attention to the refueling materials, stop the cycle extrusion and run-in, and achieve the regular brightness;

(9) The output is too low. If the feeding is not enough, the opening of the feeder gate can be increased. If the gap between the inner wall of the ring die and the roller is too large, the gap can be adjusted to about 0.15mm. If the powder is agglomerated in the ring die, the agglomeration in the ring die sleeve can be removed.

2.Which ring die poultry feed pellet making machine is better?

All kinds of poultry feed machinery and equipment produced by Richi Pellet Machinery are cost-effective, low energy consumption, stable and reliable, easy to operate, mature in system technology, compact in structure, and one-stop service for complete set of feed turnkey projects;

Richi Machinery is fully equipped: poultry pellet machine, feed crusher , mixer, expander, cooler, stabilizer, crusher, ring die accessories, electrical control system, etc.

3.What should be paid attention to when choosing a poultry feed pellet machine?

(1) Look at the poultry feed pellet making machine manufacturer

If it is a large-scale or retail farmer, if conditions permit, you can directly check the strength of the manufacturer by car. Seeing is believing, but hearing is false. It all depends on the real grain effect you see in the test machine.

(2) Look at the evaluation

As long as the packaging manufacturer must have a bad reputation, as farmers, they should know the manufacturer’s reputation in the industry based on the market list information for the first time, and give themselves some reassurance.

(3) Look at the product

The poultry feed processing equipment is not big or small, and it is also one thousand yuan to buy. After purchasing, the first test must be carried out to see whether the overall product granulation effect can meet the satisfactory output standard.

In short, the various poultry feed pellet making machines on the market make farmers do not know how to choose. As a poultry feed machine manufacturer, the author reminds most farmers that it is the best to choose the feed processing that suits them. (Related post: cat litter making machine )

4.The method of correct adjustment of poultry feed machine press roller

Ring die is a ring die accessory die equipped with ring die poultry feed pellet making machine. The materials generally used to make ring die are alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel. The ring die is an essential accessory of the poultry feed pelletizer, and the use of the ring die will directly affect the service life of the ring die and the quality of the finished pellet feed.

Adjustment of the gap between the ring die and the pressure roller For the adjustment of the gap between the new ring die and the pressure roller, the ring die and the highest point of the pressure roller should be slightly contacted, and the pressure roller should be in a state that does not turn.

If the adjustment is made under the poultry feed pellet making machine working state, the pressure of the ring die and the pressing roller can be appropriately increased, but it must be stopped in moderation.

The gap between the ring die and the pressing roller is too large, and the pressing roller cannot rotate, resulting in blockage of the poultry feed pellet making machine. If the gap between the ring die and the pressure roller is too small, it will increase the wear and tear of the ring die and the pressure roller, increase the load, and cause damage to the ring die and the pressure roller in severe cases.

The gap between the ring die and the pressing roller should be checked in time, at least once every four working hours. When adjusting each pressure roller, pay attention to the adjustment direction of each pressure roller, so that the moment sum of each pressure roller relative to the shaft of the poultry feed pellet making machine is zero, so that the poultry pellet making machine is not affected by asymmetric force.

Correctly install or replace ring die and pressure roller. Generally, the new mold is equipped with a new roller, and the old mold is equipped with an old roller, so that the surface shape of the ring mold and the pressure roller is close to the shape of the profiling state, and the local gap between the ring mold and the pressure roller is roughly the same.

In this way, the stress and discharge of the entire ring die are very uniform, which can improve poultry feed pellet making machine production efficiency.

Team maintenance. Pre-shift inspection should be carried out for each shift, check all transmission components, instruments and valves, add lubricating oil with lithium-based lubricating oil, and remove iron filings from iron tools.

Before assembly, cleaning should be done to ensure that all mating surfaces are clean. Pay special attention to the cleaning of the annular die screw holes. If the material in the ring die screw hole is not clean, it is easy to cause cracking of the ring die bolt hole when tightening the ring die bolt. Tighten the poultry feed pellet making machine ring die bolts with a torque wrench to ensure the specified tightening torque. (For more: Richi Pellet Machine)

When assembling the pressure roller, pay attention to the inspection of the bearing. Once damaged, it should be replaced in time. After the poultry feed pellet making machine rollers are assembled, make sure that there is a certain gap so that the rollers can rotate freely. The pressure rollers must be filled with oil on time every shift.

Once the pressure roller is short of oil, the bearing and the pressure roller shaft will be burned, and the entire pressure roller will be scrapped in serious cases.